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Wale is now a "Wailer"

Rapper Wale describes Nigeria as “savage”

Multi-award-winning US Rapper Wale aka Olubowale Victor Akintimehin has described his parents’ country of birth as “savage”. The 31 year old tweeted: “75 percent of my family is in nigeria . Pops . sibling. Cousins .. I worry so much . So savage”

Wale was in Nigeria in January this year and seemed to go everywhere with armed policemen, as is usually the case with wealthy Nigerians who fear robbery or kidnapping attempts.

Wale in Nigeria
Wale in Nigeria

The rapper, who was born in Washington DC, won a Grammy for Best Rap Song with “Lotus Flower Bomb” in 2013. Many Nigerians may wonder whether Wale should worry more about the savagery of so many gun deaths in DC and much of the US. But the bad news coming out of Nigeria, from deaths from Boko Haram terror, massacres by Fulani herdsmen, soldiers killing civilians in Zaria and Aba, the low intensity warfare from armed robbery and other forms of violent crime, plus the added factor of ineffective law enforcement, must be a serious deterrent for investment in the country.

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