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Another certificate for Dankwambo (right)

Presidential candidate Hassan Dankwambo taunts Buhari by flaunting qualifications

The governor of Gombe State, Hassan Dankwambo, who is seeking the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) nomination as presidential candidate, yesterday tweeted about his qualifications.

Quite impressive, and it came across as a dig at President Muhammadu Buhari, who has been dogged by opponents for not passing his secondary school certificate exams before joining the army.  Buhari’s administration is currently dogged by another certificate scandal, with finance minister Kemi Adeosun alleged to used a forged National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) exemption certificate to avoid the mandatory one-year service following graduation from higher education.

Dankwambo, with his 10 degrees, including a first degree in accounting, a Masters in economics and a PhD also in accounting, has no such problems.  But it is unclear whether those degrees would be enough to elevate him to the highest office in the land in 2019.  He may even lose out on the PDP ticket to one of the front-runners, Atiku Abubakar, who doesn’t have much in terms of academic qualifications.

If he ever becomes president, Dankwambo would be the most academically-qualified alongside another PhD president – Goodluck Jonathan.  Jonathan’s spectacular failure in office and eventual defeat by “certificate-less” Buhari is an indication that running Nigeria effectively requires a lot more than academic prowess.

Nigeria has had many eminently qualified people in positions of power in the past, including in the current regime, without much success in terms of delivery of development and progress, as we pointed out here:

Qualified for madness


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