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But no Goodluck votes in London

Politricking outside Nigeria

The Goodluck Jonathan campaign is planning a rally in Berlin in about two weeks time.

Their presence has been felt in London in recent times with advertising on London buses.  Even APC candidate for Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode doesn’t want to miss the bus in London.

Ambo's on the bus!
Ambo’s on the bus!

When Buhahari came to Chatham House for his speech, noisy supporters from both sides (paid or unpaid) showed up to create more excitement than the speech itself.

It is not quite clear what benefits these foreign sorties bring to the presidential race.

For starters, Nigerians abroad can’t vote – not that the vote of those who can counts, but that is another story.

Some have argued that Nigerians abroad are Nigerians too and many have influence over their families back home.  So wooing Diaspora Naijas may have a ripple effect on voters in Nigeria.

It is possible that politricksters think that being seen to have the support and endorsement of Nigerians abroad plays well with the voters back home.  My theory is that campaign organisations, flush with stolen funds, are always on the lookout for how to spend the money and massage the ego of their candidate.

So their forays abroad are nothing more than unnecessary PR exercises and another form of Naija style wealth distribution, in which stolen wealth manages to trickle down to people connected to the campaign.


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