Wednesday , 1 December 2021
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Lagos pensioner blasts Buhari

A Lagos-based pensioner spoke to this evening and did not spare President Muhammadu Buhari, whom she blamed for her “suffering”.

The woman in her 70s, about the same age as the president, said she had never seen Nigeria this bad in all her life. She was sweating profusely as she spoke because of the heat and the fact that there was no electricity in her home. Due to petrol shortages across the country, she had no fuel for her generator. To make matters worse for her, the energy company then hits her with massive bills even though little or no electricity was supplied.

When our correspondent suggested that the president didn’t seem to care about the plight of ordinary Nigerians like her, the woman shot back: “You have to have sense to be able to care. They have brought sheep to be in charge of us”.

She asked our correspondent to pray for people suffering in Nigeria. In response to a question on her hopes for the remaining years of the Buhari administration, the grandmother said she wasn’t sure how people would survive the next six months, let alone the next three years.

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