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Pat Utomi disturbing the peace

Pat Utomi, who was desperately seeking a position in President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet, showed his disappointment in missing out on what many had predicted he would get, by voicing disappointment in the current regime.

He now claims that Nigeria is “ripe for revolution” and asked the ruling All Progressives Congress to “change APC from within, Nigeria’s chances are running out”.

Buhari had, in an interview before he named his ministers, said that all ministers did was “make noise”. Utomi is a well known as an empty barrel that makes the most noise and he was blowing hard in favour of the president until he didn’t make the ministerial cut.

When many commentators were claiming that Buhari’s appointments were tilted in favour of northern Nigeria, Utomi said: “Let’s get serious. Let’s get to move this country forward and away from all this small, petty issues. To me it is not an important issue and I don’t want to deal with it. The President can appoint everybody from one village. As long as the people can get the job done, let them get it done. That is what Nigerians wanted and that is what they voted for”.

Now that the president has appointed who he wants and it is clear he doesn’t want Utomi’s type of “noise”, it is time for “revolution”!

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