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Tweedledee Jonathan and Tweedledum Amaechi, Goodluck to you if you can tell the difference

Our crooks are better than your crooks

On the eve of polling day in Nigeria, one can’t help but marvel at the extent of the illogical contortions supporters of the PDP and the APC use to discredit each other party.

There are no ideological differences between both parties.  Both are filled with people out to enrich themselves while pretending to want to “serve”.  None of them have plans any different from the other.  There is no state run by any of those parties that can be held up as a beacon of good governance.  All the top people in both parties have a history of unbridled corruption.  They both deploy the same tactics in search of power – bribing the electorate with foodstuff (stomach infrastructure), thuggery, violence, rigging, etc.

The former governor of Kaduna State Balarabe Musa said:  “But remember, most decampees to APC are from PDP who felt they cannot find their way in terms of getting rich through corrupt means. If APC is voted into power today, it can even be worse than the government of PDP under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan. APC is composed of PDP aggrieved members who could not get a breakthrough in terms of massive wealth while in PDP.”

APC bigwigs such as Rotimi Amaechi, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Bukola Saraki, Abubakar Atiku, etc are all ex PDP men.  All with a long history of corruption.  Rochas Okorocha, the governor of Imo State, went from PDP to APGA and then to APC.  So what makes the APC better than the parties he left?  What makes him differet now he is with the APC?  How is Nasir El Rufai a former PDP minister different to Nasir El Rufai the candidate for Kaduna State governor?

But APC supporters don’t seem to care, while PDP supporters seem oblivious to PDP corruption.  Both sets point the finger at the other, while overlooking the crimes of the people they support.

For either side, “our crooks are better than your crooks”.


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