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One small step for Ikpeazu, a huge leap for Naija

The new governor of Abia State Okezie Ikpeazu has instructed that the title “His Excellency” be removed from all communication with him in an official and unofficial capacity.

This may seem a small, sensible and humble thing to do, but considering the importance Naijas attach to titles, positions and the sycophancy that comes with it, it could be a significant step.

We have previously argued titles like “Excellency” foster mediocrity.

Governor Ikpeazu should be commended for heeding such advice.

If he could now follow up this positive step with governing in the interests of the people of Abia State, rather than pander to the wishes and just be a puppet of “Ochendo” Theodore Orji, the former governor and his politial “godfather”, the state may finally start living up to its claim to be “God’s own state”. This would be a marked change from the previous gangsters that have ruled the state – Orji Uzo Kalu and Ochendo.

The poor of Abia State are God’s own people. Serving them is doing God’s will. You can’t become a servant of the people with titles such as “Excellency” that exalt you above the people you are supposed to serve.

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