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Protesting workers chanted songs calling Okorocha a thief

Okorocha blinks first in battle with NLC

The Nigerian Labour Congress in Imo State brought Owerri, the state capital, to a standstill today as they had threatened to do two weeks ago.

One of their leaders, Comrade Joe Ajaero, had warned Governor Rochas Okorocha in January to reinstate the 3,000 state employees he had fired or face the consequences.

Today, workers blockaded the entrance to Douglas House, the governor’s mansion, chanting anti-Okorocha songs, and flights in and out of Owerri were cancelled.

Protesting Imo workers
Protesting Imo workers

After this show of strength from the workers, the governor rushed to the negotiating table and is reported to have reached an agreement to recall the sacked workers.

Striking workers force Okorocha's hand
Striking workers force Okorocha’s hand

Further details of the agreement reached with the workers included the payment of arrears of salary owed. Some workers have been owed for anything ranging from four to nine months.

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