Wednesday , 22 September 2021
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Nigerians should have no Patience for this abuse of power!

Oh, no, she didn’t!

As I was watching NTA News, I saw “Dame Dr Patience Faka Jonathan”, the “First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” speaking to the National Council of Women Societies and she was addressing them from her own podium, with her own “First Lady” seal and the Nigerian coat of arms!

I stopped listening to what she had to say and thought: “this woman must be tripping”. She has no business using our coat of arms for a position that is not official and not recognised by the constitution. This is beyond ridiculous and is megalomania that smacks of Marie Antoinette in the last days of the French aristocracy, just before the French Revolution put an end to their stupidity and nauseating insensitivity towards the plight of their people.

The woman’s hubris has to be seen to believed.

Let’s hope that the APC’s “change” means that the ill-advised podium goes back to Otuoke with the Jonathans, and they give it to their neighbours to put to good use as firewood, considering most of them do not have electric or gas cookers.

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