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The ears have it. Those with ears, let them listen.

Nnamdi Kanu trying to ear-bash his way to Biafran liberation

25 November 2018

Saturday evening on Radio Biafra at 6pm, Nigerian time (or Biafran time as the secessionists like to call it), is when Nnamdi Kanu, the self-styled leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), gets on air for his marathon rants against Nigeria aka “the damnable Zoological Republic”.

Kanu and IPOB are allegedly on a mission from God to “restore” Biafra from what is southeast Nigeria.  He also lays claim to parts of Benue State, without asking the people from that area.  If anyone was in any doubt about the righteousness of the mission, Kanu reminded them that “we are descended from the Most High”.

He kicked off proceedings with a prayer in Igbo – “the language of heaven”, adding for emphasis that “if you go to heaven right now, that [Igbo] is the language the angels are praying and singing in”.  It’s very difficult to decide whether to laugh at Kanu or take him seriously.

After praying, he condemned the killing of pro-Biafrans protesting in Nnewi, Anambra State yesterday.  He alleged that Anambra governor Willie Obiano brought in the police to shoot the protesters asking “why we can’t protest in our land”.  He seemed to have forgotten that his organisation has been banned.  He said Britain told Nigeria to kill pro-Biafrans and that the British were willing to back Nigeria at the United Nations Security Council.  The rules of engagement with listening to Kanu is that you have to accept his word as gospel.

He warned Nigerian police and army that the next time they shoot at IPOB protesters “we should overwhelm them”.  Kanu added that it was him holding back his followers from resorting to violence.  However, “we are dealing with demons from Africa. They don’t reason. The police commissioner Haruna in Anambra. I can give the order for his children to be killed. It is a promise and a pledge. If they come out with their guns, we will be ready.  If anybody kills any IPOB family member in Anambra I will hold Obiano responsible and his family will pay very dearly for it.”

He talked about the recent firing of 50 staff at the Nigerian High Commission in London.  Kanu claimed that they were sacked because the “Fulani cabal” running Nigeria thought the staff were the sources for some of the information he had broadcast last week about President Muhammadu Buhari dying in London, the presidential jet’s itinerary from Luton Airport and the claim that Buhari was buried in Saudi Arabia.  Kanu was setting listeners up for the main thrust of this broadcast – the “unmasking of Jubril, the impostor from Sudan”, who is allegedly the “late Buhari’s” body double.

Before the “unmasking” could continue, Kanu had to let off steam about other issues.  The military raid of his home in September last year involved helicopter gunships, two fighter jets and a battalion of soldiers.  These were soldiers that should have been fighting Boko Haram terrorists in the northeast.  Kanu rightly claimed that Boko Haram were peaceful like IPOB in the beginning.  They were agitating peacefully for an Islamic Republic.  Incidentally, has always claimed that IPOB members were fanatical and hardly different from Boko Haram.  They were both extremists driven by a distorted theology.  Kanu seemed to be confirming the similarities between both.  He said Boko Haram resorted to violence after security agents killed their founder Mohammed Yusuf, the implication being that the same mistake was being repeated with IPOB.

Boko Haram founder Mohammed Yusuf, whose killing made his group resort to violence

The IPOB leader believed that if the Nigerian army had succeeded in killing him last year, the likes of John Nnnia Nwodo, the president of Igbo pressure group Ohanaeze, and his family, including the Igbo governors “will be dead”, and IPOB would have turned out worse than Boko Haram.  Nwodo’s house was bombed in April last year.  By this time, Kanu was in full rant mode, raising his voice to give listeners an earful on several occasions.  He said “Nigeria created Boko Haram from stupidity and wickedness.  Imagine if IPOB were to pick up arms”.

Then he turned to “Yoruba journalists”, that he seemed to hate more than “the impostor from Sudan at Aso Rock”.  In Kanu’s hierarchy of terrible people, the first are Nigerian politicians, then the army and police, and next were “Yoruba journalists”.  “The entire Yoruba media is bad. Channels TV don’t want Biafra”.  Channels TV is a Lagos-based station whose chairman and CEO is John Momoh from Edo State.  But Kanu plays fast and loose with the facts.  For him, the “Yoruba don’t want Biafra because they will be squashed by the Fulani in a matter of weeks”.  He went on a rant about the Yoruba being about 50% Muslim, even though northern Muslims had no regard for Yoruba Muslims.

Then he knocked the “Yoruba media” for being afraid of corrupt Fulani people while banging on about the corruption of the likes of former oil minister Diezani Madueke and former Delta State governor Jame Ibori.  Kanu defended  those two and others like Orji Uzor Kalu with “whataboutisms”, arguing that the “Yoruba media” were ignoring the corruption of Bola Tinubu and not asking how Moshood Abiola made his money.  He claimed, wrongly, that the president’s wife, Aisha, couldn’t go to the US because of being linked to the Halliburton bribery scandal and called Buhari “a thief and confirmed criminal”.  He reminded listeners that Tell magazine “exposed” Buhari, while conveniently forgetting that the magazine was part of the “Yoruba media”.   Kanu didn’t seem to get that if you are wrong on minor issues like these, it is hard for anyone to believe you on the major issues like the swapping of a dead president with a Sudanese man.

Aisha Buhari (in white) with daughters Halimat and Zahra at the United Nations General Assembly in New York in September 2016

Kanu then moved on to the purpose of the evening – “unmasking the impostor”.  He said he had DNA evidence, but that was for next week when the audience was ready for such explosive facts.  For now, he literally asked listeners to lend him their ears.  He asked them to look at the ears of their children, their parents and so on.  No two people had ears the same shape.  The implication was that the person everyone saw as Buhari had different ears from the Buhari of before 2017.  He ordered his followers on social media to post pictures showing ears to prove the two “Buharis” were different.  And they duly did.

A quick look at Buhari pictures from official sources (old and new) shows his left ear – the lobe where earrings are usually worn – has always been the same, with the same peculiar shape.  The doctoring of the ear in pictures seems to be coming from Kanu’s followers.  And they seem to switch the non-disfigured right ear to the left in order to make their point.  But once Kanu said “ear we go”, there was no stopping his followers.  At one point, he asked if “the ear was up and running”?  Next, he claimed that “the cabal don’t know what to do with Jubril’s ear”.  Listeners’ ears must have been burning by now from the shouting.

He made several questionable claims later.  Aisha was avoiding being with “Jubril” but had to wheeled out after Kanu’s broadcast last week.  He asked where Buhari’s wife was when Prince Charles came to Nigeria.  But she also showed up with her husband at the ball held by the Queen to mark the end of the Commonwealth Heads of Government summit in the summer in London.  He then resorted to quoting “fake news” about Russian president Vladimir Putin calling Africa a cemetery.  It is shocking that Kanu, with such an exaggerated opinion of his own intelligence didn’t recognise that the comments attributed to Putin were old quotes recycled for the social media age.  Then Kanu went back to how the Fulani control everything in Nigeria, how all service chiefs were Fulani including the chief of naval staff.  The naval chief is Ibok-Ete Ekwe Ibas from Cross River State.  Kanu never lets the facts get in the way of his fanciful stories.

For his next story, he said this was going to be next week and backed with DNA evidence to confirm what the ears couldn’t confirm.  According to Kanu, “the Zoo must fall under the weight of this corruption” of replacing a dead president with a Sudanese.  From the evidence so far, what was falling is what is left of Kanu’s credibility.  But the man himself thinks he can shout his way to Biafran “restoration”.

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