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Naija political football

Many Nigerians are carrying on like the APC or the PDP are football clubs and they are “fans” of those “clubs”.

One declared on social media that it was “APC for life”, like Chelsea fans say “Blues for life” or Arsenal fans claim they are “Gunners for life”.

How can you be “APC for life”? The party has not even been around for more than two years. It was formed when several other parties merged – CPC, ANPP and ACN. The ACN used to be AD. Like Patience Jonathan said, the APC could soon be calling themselves “Ebola” next. And you want that “for life”?

For these “fans” the presidential (s)election was the major event – the Champions League final. And as soon as Buhahari won, the fair-weather “fans” started thinking of changing “club” to be on the winning side.

The governorship (s)election was to the “fans” like a league match and they saw each win by their “club” as points on the table: APC 19, PDP 16.

The senate, House of Representatives and Houses of Assembly (s)elections were like cup ties between small clubs with little or no interest from the “fans”.

The smaller parties like Hope and KOWA are like those English Premier League clubs that never seem to attract any Naija supporters, such as Burnley, Hull, etc. You can trust Naija supporters to not support on principle, but only support those with a chance of winning.

Naija political “fans” can also be very fanatical in their following. Your sins are forgiven if you belong to “their club”. So Rotimi Amaechi was a thief when he with the PDP, but a “progressive” now he is with the APC. The “fans” happily welcome to the fold turncoats that switch parties, forgetting the mercenary nature of the politricksters. This is no different to the Manchester United fans that idolise Robin Van Persie because he plays for them, after hating him when he was at Arsenal. Or Arsenal fans who hate Emmanuel Adebayor with a passion because he left them for more money available at Manchester City, forgetting he came to Arsenal from Monaco for similar reasons.

Players like Adebayor kiss the badge of their clubs (and he has kissed a few badges) when they score. But they really should be kissing the money they are being paid. He is just doing it for the money – no different from Naija politricksters.

The people being short-changed are the “fans” who fight each other, rain curses online, hate people because of badges and labels, fail to recognise that there is no difference between the parties, and that the politricksters on all sides are just con artists playing them for “mugus” (fools).

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