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Mama P v Aisha

Mama P or Aisha Buhari: Who would you prefer by your side in a battle?

APC presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari’s wife looks homely, sweet, tender and pleasing to the eye.  If you were shooting a Nollywood or Kannywood movie and needed a Fulani mother, you would have nailed it if you found someone that looked like Aisha.

Like something valuable and precious, with a “handle with care” sticker, she would seem out of place in the battlefield.  She seems more at place at home waiting for you to return, with a mean tuwo shinkafa waiting to be served.  This would make you long to get home safely. In stark contrast, the battle-hardened battleaxe Mama P looks like she would have polished off her dinner and yours by the time you got home.

Mama P looks like she won’t take prisoners.  Aisha looks a cool head, which is sometimes essential in a battle.  Mama P comes across as hot-headed and ready to explode like a suicide bomber.  Trouble is, she may take you and your enemies down with her.  She shoots from the lip, firing bullets left, right and centre, with many cases of “friendly fire”.  There will be a lot of “bloods sharing”.

She may be Patience by name, but she is impatient by nature and would not have any time for the Geneva Convention.  It would be Okrika style anything goes warfare in which enemies are taught the valuable lesson that “khaki no be leather”.

But if things are not going your way in the battle and a “tactical withdrawal” is essential, like Nigerian soldiers “tactically” flee when you shout “Boko Haram”, you would need someone fleet-footed by your side.  Aisha would seem a better option if a hasty retreat is essential.  While all Mama P could do if you are being surrounded by the enemy is to shout: “Diaris God ooooh!”


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