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Living in an Edo State glasshouse and throwing stones

Edo State governor Adams Oshiomhole said in an interview with the Vanguard newspaper: “If Nigerians know what these people did, they will stone them to death, jungle justice. 700 million dollars gone on second Niger Bridge without any bridge to show.”

“These people” are former president Goodluck Jonathan and company.

Oshiomhole is probably right that the money vanished, turning the Second Niger Bridge into The Bridge to Nowhere.

As the Edo governor knows “what these people did”, he should hand over the evidence to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Nigeria should be a country based on the rule of law. The people that gave us the Bridge to Nowhere should be prosecuted and thrown into a jail somewhere.

If Oshiomhole prefers “jungle justice” and the stoning thieves, it is pertinent to ask those without corruption to cast the first stone.

Oshiomhole has had a $75m World Bank loan approved. He inherited a debt burden of 4.7bn naira ($23.5m) in 2008. Now under his watch, the state owes 250bn naira ($1.25bn) in domestic debt and $123m in foreign debt. The state also receives roughly $100m a month in federal allocations. There is little to show for these funds.

So Oshiomhole should really be the last person asking for thieves to be stoned. If the people of Edo State faced up to the reality of the governor’s theft, he would be buried under a pile of rocks.

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