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Lagos comes bottom of 2019 Safe Cities Index

30 August 2019

Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, is at the bottom in the 2019 Safe Cities Index from the Economist Intelligence Unit. The index ranks 60 cities on 57 indicators, covering digital security, health security, infrastructure security and personal security.

Tokyo tops the list as the safest city, with Singapore and Osaka, making up the top three. London and New York are 14th and 15th. Johannesburg is 44th, with Yangon, Myanmar, crisis-torn Caracas, Venezuela and Lagos bringing up the rear at 58th, 59th and 60th.

On the specific categories, Lagos is last on health security and personal security and 56th and 58th on digital security and infrastructure security.

The report states in its executive summary: “Humanity is a predominantly urban species, with over 56% of us living in cities. By 2050 68% will do so, reflecting a speed of urbanisation even faster than previously predicted. This process is occurring most visibly in developing countries, some of which struggle to deal with the extent of change. Indeed, the challenges of urbanisation, if unmet, can entail substantial human and economic risks. On the other hand, if they are effectively addressed, the growth of cities may become an essential part of how emerging economies find a way to catch up to those in more developed countries and how humanity as a whole creates more sustainable ways to live.

“Thus, urban management will play a fundamental role in defining the quality of life of most human beings in the coming years. A key element of this will be the ability of cities to provide security for their residents, businesses and visitors. Accordingly, The Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by NEC Corporation, maintains the Safe Cites Index (SCI)—a detailed benchmarking tool that measures a wide range of security inputs and results.”

This poor ranking of Lagos seems to support how described the metropolis a couple of years ago – as a case study in growth without development.

The full report is available below.×210-19-screen.pdf

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