Friday , 22 January 2021
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Lady Macbeth urges Nigerian women to vote for PDP

Naijurian women are you dia?

Are you wit us?

Di Furst Lady is calling you.

I am telling you to support Goodluck and Sambo.

Dey has done a lot for Naijurian women.

No adminstashun have done more than Goodluck and Sambo for Naijurian women.

Our women iz now more freer to be kidnapped by Boko Haram.

Dis adminstashun have proved what a man can do a woman can do.

Under dis adminstashun we now have woman suicide bomber just like men.

But I would radder kill myself than commit suicide.

More and more Naijurian women are now going oversea to Dubai to buy many many tings to sell.

A Okrika woman like me is now Furst Lady.

No odder adminstashun could do dis for Okrika women.

Under dis adminstashun a woman iz now able to impose her broda az di governor of Rivers State.

Naijurian women, do not share your votes wit Mr Ibuhari.

He will hide our women in purdah and make all of you wear burka.

Vote for PeeDeePee wit our umblerra

Don’t share your votes wit APeeCee

Dia broom iz not good oh.

Iz winch broom oh.

Iz bad luck for you oh.

Diariz Goodluck ooooh!

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