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Can you believe Lai?

Is Lai telling lies?

Lai Mohammed, the All Progressive Congress (APC) national publicity secretary told the press today that there were two reasons why there’s been a delay in the new Buhari regime appointing ministers.

Firstly, he claimed that this is the “first real transition” Nigeria has had from a ruling party to a different party.

Secondly, the new regime has been handicapped by the previous regime’s failure to provide “handover notes”.

He went on to claim that the transition committee had recommended a reduction in ministries and the implementation of those recommendations created further delay.

This seems all well and good. But the president’s spokesman Garba Shehu provided a different explanation last week for the president’s slow motion in appointing minsters: “As he has said himself, he wants to scrutinise and make the right kind of appointment. He doesn’t want to appoint one today and make changes tomorrow. Given this war for the recovery of stolen funds, that will have implication for the people who are going to be appointed. If he appoints you today and may be in the drive, you are implicated, he will fire you”.

Party spokesman and presidential spokesman, with different reasons for the delay in making appointments. You would expect competent people to at least synchronise the lines (or lies) they would take on such an issue.

Balarabe Musa, the former governor of Kaduna State said of the president’s delay in appointing ministers: “He was military Head of State. Before even being sworn in, he should have known who to appoint as ministers and also announced them within two days after inauguration but this has not happened. Why it has not happened I don’t know but I pray it is not the beginning of incompetence.”

It is looking like the president’s incompetence is being handled incompetently by the people that speak on his behalf.

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