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Goodluck with the silence

The Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Abdullahi Jalo yesterday called on former president Goodluck Jonathan to speak out on the “Dasuki Gate” case that continues to grab the headlines in Nigeria.

Former National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki is facing charges of diverting $2.1bn, meant for buying weapons to combat the Boko Haram insurgency, to several influential people.

Dasuki in court
Dasuki in court

Jalo said at a press briefing: “Jonathan is alive, he should clarify whether he asked the National Security Adviser to divert money meant to fight Boko Haram into his campaign”.

Abdullahi Jalo, illegal adviser
Abdullahi Jalo, illegal adviser

Jonathan would do well to ignore this type of advice that seems to be asking him to flout the law.

Dasuki’s case is “sub judice” – under judicial consideration. It would be highly inappropriate for a former president to comment in public on a case before the courts as this could be interpreted as interference with due process, and could lead to being charged with contempt of court.

President Muhammadu Buhari has already shown his contempt for judicial independence and willingness to interfere with due process, when he stated during his “media chat” last month that he was not willing to release defendants that were granted bail by the courts.

Jonathan should not follow suit. This is one occasion, unlike many others when he was in power, when his do-nothing disposition is actually the right thing.

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