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Goodluck waiting for the Chibok girls to return soon

What is wrong with Goodluck Jonathan?

He waited three weeks after over 200 girls in Chibok were kidnapped by Boko Haram in April 2014 before making a public statement on the issue.

10 months later there is still no sign of the girls being rescued.  Now Goodluck has claimed that “the story of the girls will be better” in a few weeks.  How does he know this?  Is he the one holding them?

Why not wait until they are rescued before opening his mouth?  Must he talk when he has nothing to say?

There are reports that the army are planning to sweep into Sambisa Forest where the girls are suspected to be held.  There was also a report that the airforce has been bombing Boko Haram positions in the forest.  Is this the best way to rescue hostages?  Are we not risking their lives by bombing areas in which they could be in the vicinity?


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