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Goodluck is just not good enough

No matter how you slice and dice it, Goodluck Jonathan has been an unmitigated failure.

Nothing certifies this failure more than a report in today’s UK Guardian from Goodluck’s hometown of Otuoke, in the oil-producing Niger Delta.  The reporter Monica Mark says:

Former militants such as Dokubo-Asari have become multimillionaires on government contracts but there’s little sign of money trickling down, with Bayelsa having a distinctly sleepy, provincial air. Meanwhile, flagship electricity and education projects have had barely any effect in communities such as the small canoe-making village of Otuoke, where the president was born.

“You can’t take photographs here,” insisted the guard in front of the sprawling mansion built by the president, by far the grandest building in the village. “It may end up in the papers and then people will start talking.”

On a street nearby, Janet Ebi shelled periwinkles picked from the murky swamps close to the compound where Jonathan grew up. “Of course, we will still vote for him because he’s our brother but, honestly, I can’t say we’re happy,” she said.

“This is the president’s home town and you can see how it looks. See us sweating here because there’s no electricity,” she added, gesturing at the ramshackle pile of tin-roofed homes.

A few metres away, the only lights on belonged to the pair of smart two-storey houses Jonathan built for his parents.

Dokubo and other criminals have become multimillionaires.  Goodluck has a “sprawling mansion” and the “grandest building” in the village, the only lights in a road belong to houses he built for his parents.  And it is bad luck for everyone else even in his village!

The comments by Janet Ebi are very damning about the president’s failures.  They will still vote for him “because he is our brother”.  And for no other reason.

Other Nigerians, who are not his “brothers and sisters” have really no reason for voting for Goodluck.  He has no one but himself to blame that a geriatric and incoherent former dictator in a party filled with ex PDP looters is seen as an option by other Nigerians.


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