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Fulani herdsmen-related violence has claimed more deaths in Nigeria than Boko Haram in recent times

Fulani herdsmen: Security alert at College of Immaculate Conception (CIC) Enugu

10 July 2018

A report appeared on a Facebook page today claiming that there was an announcement in Catholic churches in Enugu, the Enugu State capital, about the likelihood of an attack on a Catholic secondary school in the city – College of Immaculate Conception (CIC).

The report stated that about 10 Fulani men went to CIC a few days ago, claiming that “their members were killed and buried inside” the school.  School security refused the men entrance and the school management called police.

When the police arrived, “they supported the Fulani men and forcefully entered the school, ransacked the whole school, but found nothing relating to their claim”.  This happened even though school management “insisted that the police men would not search the school with Fulani men without search warrant”.

CIC Enugu, run by the Catholic Church

The report claimed that the Fulani men now know “the nooks and cranny of the school.  The security personnel who are supposed to be protecting us are the one supporting them”.  It ended stating that: “The general public are being alerted to keep watch of the looming danger, Fulani herdsmen may start their attack anytime”.

A source confirmed to that he visited the school this morning and spoke to security and the principal and that the story is “not fake”.  He added that “details may differ, but it [the incident] is being played down in order not to scare conventioneers”.  The school is hosting this year’s international old boys’ convention in August, with old boys from across Nigeria and around world planning to descend on the school for three days of festivities, fundraising and to open a newly-built $600,000 dormitory funded by donations from old boys.

Established in 1942, CIC is the oldest and most hallowed boys secondary school in Enugu, with an old boys list that includes four former governors, ministers and other prominent Nigerians.

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