Saturday , 4 April 2020
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You can fuel some people sometimes, but you can't fuel all the people all the time

Diaris no fuel scarcity for some people oh!

As most of Lagos is crippled by dry pumps at petrol stations, the city lives up to the old saying that it is not what you know, it is who you know.

It appears the well-connected folk are not affected by the shortages. My brother-in-law has no problem finding the precious juice for his cars. He works for an oil company and they have their own supply for staff.

An old friend from my university days also was not concerned about the problem. He said this evening that a classmate of his owns a petrol station in his neighbourhood. He just drives down to the forecourt and gets his tank and jerry can for the generator filled up at the official retail price.

He joked that the neighbours watch him, green with envy, as he drives around and they keep expecting him to abandon his car like everyone else, but it just ain’t happening. He said the queues were still all over Lagos and he was being “powered by gen” as he spoke to me this evening.

He seemed pretty content with life, ending our conversation with the old Osita Osadebe song “Osondi Owendi” (loosely “some are happy, others are not” in Igbo).

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