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Agriculture minister Audu Ogbeh

Finally, some sense from Audu Ogbeh

The Minister for Agriculture Audu Ogbeh was at a “One Idoma” prayer session in Abuja today, where he spoke about dealing with the menace of Fulani herdsmen in the short term by security agencies arresting any herdsman carrying weapons around, as “this was against the laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

He also said that a long term solution for the clashes between herdsmen and farmers was to “stop the wandering of cattle up down” all over the country. This position is in line with a proposal here:

Fulani herdsmen and freedom of movement

We argued that herding on foot should be banned on the constitutional grounds that it poses a risk to public safety and order. There is no place for such practices in any modern society. Ogbeh agreed by saying that in the West, China and Ethiopia, cattle is bred in ranches and Nigeria should seek to emulate them.

A One Idoma Initiative poster
A One Idoma Initiative poster

The One Idoma Initiative called on the federal government to support the people in Benue State displaced by Fulani herdsmen attacks in places like Agatu Local Government Area, in which the initiative claimed more than 500 people have been killed.

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