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Fashola: Gone nuclear with the lies

Fashola: Lying as easy as APC

Babatunde Fashola, who is struggling as Minister for Power to ensure Nigerian homes have electricity, decided to focus instead on PR for his boss President Muhammadu Buhari and try to justify the president’s seemingly endless trips abroad.

Struggling to find meaning for meaningless junkets, the former Lagos State governor ended up saying with regards to the recent Nuclear Security Summit attended by Buhari: “The world leaders must trust you for you to partake. At that summit, in the group photograph, President Buhari stood on the second row along side Britain and Turkey. In the past, we used to be on the last row. This is CHANGE”.

If we ignore the rank stupidity in presenting your position in a photo-shoot as something to boast about, Fashola should be ashamed of himself for peddling a clear lie that Nigeria used to stand in the back row.


Nigeria seemed to have always stood at the second row, at least in the picture above from 2014 and in 2010, and it is not clear why.

The man, who claimed he could provide stable power in every home within six to eight months, has now lost so much credibility that he has resorted to lying about group photographs.

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