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EFCC boss Ibrahim Magu - sitting on his backside waiting for evidence to land on his lap

The EFCC confirms they are not proactive in combating corruption

A Nigerian on Twitter, who tweets under the handle Mr Aye Dee, tweeted yesterday: “How long b4 @officialEFCC swoops down on APC Governors who are illegally using state funds 2 back Oke’s campaign via AD? Asking for a friend.”

His tweet drew a sharp retort from the official EFCC Twitter account: “Ok. When your friend is less busy, please have him/her submit a petition and attach relevant incontrovertible evidence”.

Mr Aye Dee
Mr Aye Dee

For those not in the know, Olusola Oke is running for governor of Ondo State under the banner of the Alliance for Democracy (AD). It has been rumoured that Bola Tinubu, one of the All Progressives Congress (APC) founders has been throwing his weight behind the AD since things in the APC, including having his nominee as the APC candidate for governor in Ondo, have not been going his way.

The EFCC’s stance of waiting to be spoon-fed with evidence before acting is in line with the perception that the agency has no interest in prosecuting APC politicians and it corroborates what was revealed in a few months ago about the reality of their alleged corruption fight.

How the EFCC are “fighting corruption” in Nigeria

A prosecuting authority is meant to act when it has “reasonable suspicion” that there has been wrongdoing and not wait for ordinary people without the powers of investigation to gather the evidence for them, “incontrovertible” or otherwise.

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