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Mr President, you can put your bum on seat now

Buhari’s Senior Special Assistant for Chair Adjustment (SSACA)

President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent appointments of a Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Chief of Staff, Customs boss, etc have generated a lot of media interest, especially around most of the appointees being northerners.

But there’s been no mention about the little guy that we see in all the president’s engagements at the presidential villa, always arranging the presidential chair before the presidential behind is plunked down on it.

Enquiring minds would like to know who the official is, whether federal character was considered in his appointment, what exactly his role is, does he have other duties beyond adjusting the presidential chair, does he have a deputy, and why the president can’t pull out his own chair?

In the Age of Austerity, with dwindling oil revenues, with Buhari asking all to tighten their belts, and preaching about reducing government expenditure, why does he need an assistant hovering behind him, as he is about to rest the presidential backside, and pulling out the chair for him?

What sort of message is the president sending out with the protocol of an assistant fussing around a chair before the president settles on it? If the president can’t guide his behind to his plush seat, how can he steer Nigeria’s economy away from hitting rock bottom?

The images of the president in his flowing babariga waiting for a flunkey to pull out a chair before he can sit down smacks of feudalism and a throwback to an era we should have left behind.

Many Nigerians backed Buhari because he claimed he could deliver and he will not sit on corruption cases and do nothing. So it shouldn’t be that difficult for him to deliver his bum on a seat without assistance. Having someone on the payroll for this bummer of a job makes the president look very backward.

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