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Audu Ogbeh again!

Buhari’s “change” is fraudulent

In Muhammadu Buhari’s first speech after the coup that overthrew the government of Shehu Shagari on 31 December 1983, he claimed the military had intervened “in pursuance of the primary objective of saving our great nation from total collapse.”

He also said: “The change became necessary in order to put an end to the serious economic predicament and the crisis of confidence now afflicting our nation.” He added: “Arson has been used to cover up fraudulent acts in public institutions. I am referring to the fire incidents that gutted the P&T buildings in Lagos.. Most of these fire incidents occurred at a time when Nigerians were being apprehensive of the frequency of fraud scandals and the government incapacity to deal with them. Corruption has become so pervasive and intractable that a whole ministry has been created to stem it.”

Buhari - the military dictator in the 1980s
Buhari – the military dictator in the 1980s

The government in which corruption was pervasive and brought Nigeria near “total collapse” included Audu Ogbeh first as minister of communications (in charge of Post & Telecommunications, whose head office in Lagos was burnt down to cover up corruption) and minister for steel development when millions of dollars went down the drain at the Ajaokuta Steel Company and no steel was produced.

Buhari is now back in power again and the message is the same.

He has come to save Nigeria again from the 16 years destruction by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). For four out of those 16 years, Audu Ogbeh was the national chairman of the PDP, contributing his quota to the destruction of Nigeria.

Ogbeh only left the PDP because he fell out with then president Olusegun Obasanjo, who spent eight years as president destroying Nigeria.

Now, Buhari has nominated Ogbeh as a minister, after sacking him 32 years ago when he came to save “our great nation from total collapse”. And in order to save Nigeria from PDP destruction, Ogbeh – a former PDP Chairman – is being brought back, all in the name of “change”.

And if this weren’t bad enough, Obasanjo, the person that made Ogbeh resign as PDP Chairman, is now one of Buhari’s closest advisers.
Buhari’s pretensions about “change” qualify as fraud by false representation”. This is the situation where a person makes any representation as to fact, express or implied which they know to be untrue or misleading.

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