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Buhari in London

Buhari: No faith in Nigerian healthcare

President Muhammadu Buhari revealed yesterday in London while addressing the Nigerian community there that he has been coming to the UK for treatment since 1978.

As he spoke about the court challenge to the first of his failed presidential bids in 2003 he said: “The court process during my first attempt at the Presidency lasted 30 months. I only missed four sittings. One, when we went to bury late Chuba Okadigbo, my vice presidential candidate. The other three times, I came here [London] to see my doctors who I have been using since 1978 when I was in Petroleum [Federal Commissioner for Petroleum].”

Buhari is currently on “vacation”, but there are reports that he is away for medical reasons.

It appears that the longer Buhari is in power, the more he reveals that damages his “man of the people” credentials. The president has always modelled himself as different from all the other looters of public funds that have held office in Nigeria. He has always fronted like he lived an austere lifestyle, with not much to his name in terms of money in the bank.

But the reality is that he is no different from the rest. He is alleged to have property in London where his family stays (this was not mentioned in the partial assets declaration that he made public last year). And like most others that have held high office, he doesn’t trust the Nigerian healthcare system with his own health.

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