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Buhari, is the foreign attire meant to make you forget you are in Nigeria?

Buhari, is this how you are cutting costs?

President Muhammadu Buhari returned to Abuja from a trip to Saudi Arabia and Qatar and was welcomed like a visiting dignitary, with a forces band in Scottish ceremonial dress and bagpipes.

While some may argue that Buhari spends so much time out of Nigeria that he has become like a visitor to the country, is it really prudent use of Nigeria’s dwindling resources to have such pomp and pageantry for someone coming home after a week abroad?

Is this Edinburgh or Abuja?
Is this Edinburgh or Abuja?

One Nigerian on Twitter wrote: “See how a whole battalion welcomed president Buhari today but no one to protect innocent Nigerians in Agatu land”. About 500 people have reportedly been killed in Agatu Local Government Area in Benue State by suspected Fulani herdsmen since last week.

It wasn’t quite clear why Nigerian forces still dressed up like Scots in a period in which the government is trying to promote “Buy Nigeria”. But then again, the president has always preferred escaping to foreign climes to facing domestic issues.

Each trip is estimated to cost the nation about $1m. That estimate doesn’t presumably include the welcome home party, bagpipes and all.

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