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Buhari gives himself $596,000 a year for being “on seat”

Nigeria’s Number One Ghost Worker Muhammadu Buhari apparently has a line in the 2017 budget for a “sitting allowance” of 188m naira for himself, according to the Nigerian Economist.

It is not quite clear whether the “sitting allowance” is for the days Buhari actually sits in his office.  He is currently “sitting” in London for another “medical vacation”, after spending 49 days there earlier this year.  Before his latest trip, he spent most of his time “working from home”.

Buhari’s $596,000 a year “sitting allowance” may be why he has someone of ambassador rank (Lawal Kazaure) pulling out a chair for him before he can sit down.

A chair is prepared for the presidential behind at huge expense

It would be interesting to know whether Buhari receives his “sitting allowance” via standing order.  But Nigerians should not stand for this waste of public funds that could sit better on more pressing priorities.

While running or office Buhari gave the impression that this sort of profligacy would take a back seat, but it is clearly sitting in the front row at the top table of his administration and costing a fortune for a president that doesn’t sit around in Nigeria for too long.

It is time Nigerians got off their seats and said they wouldn’t stand for this nonsense.

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