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Buhari creates new states!

President Muhammadu Buhari spoke to Chukwuma Onuekwusi of Channels TV News today while on a visit to India.

In response to a question on the number of ministers in his cabinet. He said “we should have a representative from each state”. But he thought “42 ministers” were unaffordable.

But Mr President, there are 36 states in Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). If you must have a representative from each state, that is 36 ministers and possibly one more from the FCT.

The president was also asked about his three month target to defeat Boko Haram by December and whether the target would be extended if the terrorists were not defeated by that deadline. Buhari said the objective was to defeat Boko Haram and he was sorry for anyone that was not confident about defeating them. But Mr President, that wasn’t the question.

The president also said he didn’t lose any sleep over the people that said his anti-corruption fight was selective and that he wanted to be remembered as somebody that “fought corruption to a standstill”.

It is anyone’s guess how you achieve this by including corrupt politicians in your cabinet. Perhaps, the president wants thieves close to him where he can see them.

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