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Old Buhahari had a farm...

Buhahari’s farm in Daura

President-elect Buhahari’s farm in Daura, Katsina State looks pretty modest.

The man himself claimed he owns about 150 cows.

Many commentators are using this as an example of Buhahari’s frugal and incorruptible lifestyle.

A few words of caution here.

While the farm appears modest for a former Head of State, in comparison with the palatial homes of the likes of Ibrahim Babangida and Olusegun Obasanjo, it is worth noting that Buhahari was only in power for 18 months. Possibly not enough time to enrich himself like the others.

We should revisit the farm in 2019 – after four years of Buhahari rule. Obasanjo’s farm was in a serious state of disrepair in 1999. By the time he left office it was estimated to be worth over $200m.

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