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Buhahari: “I am not a miracle worker”

Presiden-elect Buhahari has tried to dampen the expectations of those that voted him into power by claiming they should not expect him to perform miracles when he takes over on 29 May.

I doubt if any sensible Nigerian is expecting miracles from Buhahari.

On what would such expectations be based?

Did Buhahari perform miracles in his 18 months in power as a military dictator in the 1980s? It is even more difficult now that he has to work with a National Assembly and many other stakeholders.

Who would expect miracles from the APC that is filled with so many ex-PDP people? Did Bukola Saraki perform miracles as PDP governor of Kwara State? What about Rotimi Amaechi in Rivers State? Did Bobo Chicago Bola Tinubu perform miracles in Lagos?

What Nigerians ask of Buhahari are not miracles but that he fulfils his constitutional obligation to make the security and welfare of Nigerians the primary purpose of his government.

Just do the job that you were elected to do. When we want miracles we’d give T B Joshua or somebody else a call.

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