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Balarabe Musa

Balarabe Musa: Many of those calling for restructuring are hypocrites

“Restructuring ” is all the rage in Nigeria.  Some are presenting it as the silver bullet solution to Nigeria’s many ills.  But former governor of Kaduna State Balarabe Musa had a different view, which he aired in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Musa said: “No doubt, many of the people calling for the restructuring of the country are doing that for their selfish motives.

“Some of them are making the call as part of their political agenda, some for ethnic supremacy, others for resource control, while some are for their secessionist agenda.

“Only very few are calling for restructuring for the genuine reason of promoting development, unfortunately, there is no consensus on the form that restructuring should take.’’

“Many people have come up with various ideas of restructuring, some of which to me, will not promote development, like the creation of more states.

“To me the best form of restructuring is the one that will achieve three things: one, promote the unity of the country; two, empower the regions via a shift to regional system of government, and three, that would put the economy in the hands of government and not the private sector.’’

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