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House of Representatives: the nose have it

Another show of shame in the National Assembly

The National Assembly resumed sitting this week after shutting down for recess last month.

The House of Representatives was shamed before the recess by the brawling between different factions over leadership positions. This time, it was one member that raised a finger in the show of shame.

As Rep Asabe Bashir (All Progressives Congress Damboa/Gwoza/Chibok Federal Constituency, Borno State) was speaking about reopening the schools shut down in the northeast for over a year due to Boko Haram violence, the unidentified member, sitting behind her, lifted his right hand, stuck out his index finger, pushed it right up his nose and started picking it.

This was broadcast on national television and the man didn’t seem to care. He just seemed to be lost in his own world. After scavenging his nose for pickings, he pulled his finger out to examine the contents, and then stuck it back in again.

It made one wonder about the calibre of the people Nigerians pick to represent them. But the people are usually marginalised in the picking, with (s)elections that lack credibility.

The nosey lawmaker didn’t look like he had any interest in what his colleague was saying. Like the rest of the greedy members, who are the highest paid legislators in the world, he couldn’t see beyond his nose. As issues of grave importance to the nation were being discussed, his only concern was for personal matters.

This type of selfishness epitomises the majority of Nigerian legislators and is why a nasty smell surrounds the National Assembly.

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