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Aisha Buhari’s Hammer-time watch

The president’s wife wore a Cartier Baignoire Folle watch during her husband’s inauguration. The watch is said to retail at £34,500.

With the elevation of her husband to the highest office in the land, Aisha is about to “hammer”. And if any average Nigerian walked into a watch shop and approached a £34,500 watch, the shop assistant is likely to say: “You can’t touch this”, because it is beyond our price range.

You can't touch this - unless you have £34,500
You can’t touch this – unless you have £34,500

It should also be beyond Buhahari’s price range if his incorruptible posturing is to be believed. Where did he find the money for such a watch? His general’s pension, selling some of the 150 cows he keeps in his farm?

You can tell that with a £34,500 watch it is not time for “change”.

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