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Bayyanar Mahadi with schocking revelations about the police

24 young Nigerians held illegally by the police – activist Bayyanar Mahadi

11 December 2020

Bayyanar Mahadi, a Nigerian activist, has detailed how 24 young men were being detained in inhumane conditions after becoming victims of extortion and corruption by the Nigeria Police Force.

Mahadi’s account in a 30-minute video details how the unemployed men, who were trying to join the police force, were shaken down by named police officers for 700,000 naira each ($1,480), but ended up in detention instead of becoming police officers.

Watch his account below:

Many Nigerians have become immune to the depravity of the police, but what these young men are going through is still shocking. A Nigerian journalist based in Toronto, Canada was so appalled by the video he wrote: “I know it is nothing new, and has been going on for decades, but perhaps there is a chance that awareness of this sort of thing can begin something. I am forwarding to all the Nigerians I know”.

Nigeria police chief Mohammed Adamu

This sort of police brutality and extortion sparked the #EndSARS protests across the country in October against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police Force. It is clear from Mahadi’s video that the rot goes deeper than just one police unit.

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