Tuesday , 21 May 2019
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Naijiant.com is a website dedicated to Nigerian current affairs.  We provide our own opinions on current events in Nigeria and affecting Nigerians in the Diaspora.

We also provide social and economic commentary on Nigeria and wider African issues.  The site has its own slant on the issues it publishes, which encourages readers to visit it for the type of commentary that they would not normally find on mainstream news outlets.

The site also engages in satire and investigative journalism about Nigeria and African-oriented issues.


  • CIC Old Boy

Contact email : editor@naijiant.com

Staff Writers

  • Agangwu Ogbuoge
  • Alhaji Mustafa Kudi
  • Chief Ubaka Akpiliego
  • High Chief Moni Owotosin

Contact email : staffwriters@naijiant.com

Contact Number – 00447405354477

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